“Serehahn will not be careless...”

Everything good in the utopian world Nrathermë comes from Serehahn. By his hand, his people have become a civilization of sensible heroes who make their own heaven. In less than a hundred years, he has transformed Nrathermë from a small, lonely planet bound by illness and mortality to the great unaging paradise that has spread to take in thousands of worlds.

But Serehahn is a monster.

He and his diabolical Amathoar guard a secret known only by them and by the noble Omathaar who fight them. A secret that will determine the future of all worlds. A secret that can topple Serehahn, or else lead him to godlike power. A secret bound around Earth.

Life must go on for Earthmen like Tom Pratt and Sarah Trotter, even while they struggle to comprehend their importance in the supernatural war between Serehahn and the Omathaar. But though romances and feuds continue, and the Omathaar guard and inform the Earthmen, Serehahn has already unleashed an unstoppable attack meant to acquire the limitless power bound in Earth...